Class Descriptions

Monday Program

Grades K-12

These classes are designed for are cross-curricular, covering a variety of major subject areas including Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and The Arts along with a emphasis on group learning. Students are placed into learning groups based on age and grade level. 

NEW Middle School Program: Core subject curriculum will be included in this class. Students will have an in class and at home work schedule to follow. 

*Additional fee required for curriculum*

NEW High School Programs: 

Option 1: Core subject curriculum will be included in this class. Students will have an in class and at home work schedule to follow. *Additional fee required for curriculum*

Option 2: Students will be part of a pod that is teacher led to oversee the student's individual curriculum. 

Extended Day

Students have an extra hour for open gym time to run, jump, play, and flip with friends. This is a great addition to their academic day to build friendships! *Additional fees apply*

Wednesday Program

Bits & Bites for K-2nd: Students will have fun learning about various high-interest topics. Each month we will explore a new unit. Through hands on activities, our little learners will get to explore engineering, space, dinosaurs, fossils, volcanoes, the human body, our country, holidays around the world and more exciting topics!

Math Concepts: This course will cover grade level math concepts. Students will be placed into grade appropriate math groups after completing a math assessment during our first class together. Students will create study guides, play games, create work samples, and work with peers to master each concept. This class is for grades 2nd-12th. Math concepts that will be covered will span from lower elementary addition and subtractions into high school algebra. 

Science Exploration: Join us as we explore all things science! We will work out way through the fundamentals of physical science, life science, earth science, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and more! We will work with our peers using our 5 senses to create group projects, experiments and take home work samples. 

American Sign Language: Students will learn basic conversational skills to communicate with each other as well as members of the deaf community. Students will learn about the deaf culture such as behaviors and values. 

Elective Wheel: Students will rotate every three weeks to a different course. Our rotation this upcoming semester will be STEM Building challenges, Art, Makers Lab and Creative Writing. 

Homework Lab: Students will be responsible for bringing their work from home to class. Student will have a tutor on site to assist with work as needed. This is a great opportunity for students to learn responsibility and task management. 

Thursday Program

Day Camp: Students have a full day of fun, friends and movement! During our day camp students will have open gym time, tumbling instruction, aerial silk instruction, lunch time with friends, CLUBS (Sign Language, Crafts, STEM Building, Games), large group games, and free time! This program is definitely popular so claim your dates quickly!